Radia 52 – a travellog of the radio sprectrum

One of the motivations of art is undoubtly an affirmation about human relations. This program is an experiment and a call-out for people to send their messages to the airwaves. You can figure it out to be just a political stance but it is more properly viewed as a demonstration of the use of radio for voicing opinions and points of view. The program is by Luis Silva, one of Radio Zero programmers.

Get it from RadioSwap: http://radioswap2.ulb.ac.be/programme.php/001pr821

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3 thoughts on “Radia 52 – a travellog of the radio sprectrum”

  1. I’ve listened to his program already and it’s very interesting.
    The political messages are all there, and it’s skillfully mixed.
    And contrary to most of the “intelectual” radio shows, this one
    has really good music

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