I like japanese hardcore

What they say : ” this was a short lived bloomington pop band along the lines of go sailor or cub. in fact, there are covers of each of those bands on this disc. the band was 2 people, casey on guitar and vocals and chris clavin on drums. they never got around to recording anything but once, casey played live on the cool local radio station during women in music week and i recorded it. i wasn’t there, so it’s just her solo.” It’s very nice if you like DIY pop-punk. Released under a CC licence by Plan-It-X Free, the free wing of the DIY punk label Plan-It-X. download from archive.org

Seven helpless children

It’s the title of the latest track by Andrey Savitsky, aka hhtp. It gets stuck somewhere in your head and stay there. It also sounds a bit sad which makes it all the better.

XV Parowek – Quarter of a can got kicked

Some abstract glitch intercut with concrete noise, coming from somewhere in Poland.

Navmemo – Live @ Ambient Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria 26 March 2004

If you liked Radia 02 some weeks ago, here is a link to some more. (it’s 37 minutes long)

SIJIS radio in MINSK

Down with the Chairman is a program from Resonance about music freely available (from the web). But this program is a bit different as it is a report from Ram 7 festival in Minsk, Belarus, and it sounds really great. Includes stuff from our friend Andrey Savitsky (http://hhtp.org) and many good field recordings.
More details and download.

Radia 04 – Update

Yes, I couldn’t help it, it was stronger than me.
I have changed some stuff on Radia 04 (mostly level stuff) and I have changed the ending (I forgot this really good quote – tss tss). The metadata are also more acurate…

As yesterday was a fight with time, I took some more today… So, Radia-stations, if you would be so kind to upload the Radia 04 (not Radia4) mp3, in about half an hour (so after 24h GMT+1, april 26, 2005) .
I hope I am not too late, and that you can take the trouble of re-downloading…
I have worked hard on this…

note : here is the url on radioswap for this updated version, that you can access once you are logged, Radia 04 – Updated version



Radia 04

I = Wendy Van Wynsberghe, am uploading Radia O4 at this very moment!
This radio show is content-wise made with the material of Cuisine Interne Keuken, a project in which we (Constant vzw) ask precarious/cultural workers how they make a living. This project started because we were curious how other people – mostly without a fixed income – lived and if they have a certain strategy… So we started interviewing all the people, mostly artists, that we encountered. A better explantion can be found here.
For this we made a questionnaire, with 17 questions. It even evolved into a physical installation – but that is another story…

In the month of october of last year Constant was invited to City of Women, a festival in Ljubjana, to work on Cuisine Interne Keuken and to interview people around and about the festival. Most voices that you hear in Ran Radia 04 come from these recordings (savour the accents!).

For the “musicalization” I used field recordings (for example a supermarket in Ljubljana) and I played with bits and bobs of the interviews (laughter, certain words…) or new recordings (there is one moment I play with money! ha!).

In the beginning I “let” people introduce themselves, their names, then ages, and from then on it is more about their situation. In the middle of Radia 4, people start describing their workspace, which they drew. The linking sound of these bits of interview are actually the hums in my working space, especially for this project (I worked in the cellar, with the servers and de-humidifiers humming their songs -I got used to them! And with the street and ventilator working at my right ear…)
Anway, there is something I shouldn’t forget to mention, I have also used some sounds of the Freesound Project, a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

In any case, let me know what you think…

****UPDATE : it’s now on radioswap. Once logged, go to the UPDATED VERSION!i!i!i!i
muchas gracias

Radia 03

Radia 03, coming in from Tilos Radio can be found there :
with all the relevant info. It will also be archived on radioswap soon (i will also archive radia 02 on radioswap for eventual future rebroadcast)

Radia 02

Radio Cult Presents

Ivan Bachev: ADIO


In this show i present two of the musical approaches i use in my works.
The first part deals with sound feedback and the ideas of sound behavior in an acoustical environment. I’ve developed a plain ‘instrument’ that is a combination of a play-telephone and sound feedback. So only with an amplifier two resonant boxes, cord and a pair of microphones i try to explore and show how the sound interfere in an environment. Getting result i find musical without controlling the sound and its properties, instead of setting up environment for it to evolve.

The second approach i show here deals with a bit opposite idea. A macro approach to sound where i use already existing music result (mainly music that has a status of ‘popular’) that i recontextualize with a small sound toy i programmed. I find this as a way to respond and recycle that aural information that is the dominant in the medias around me.

This show is a mixture of, recorded audio presentations i gave for the tools i developed at runme-dorkbot events, and the actual music results i produced.

Have a nice listening.

Link to show:


The Radia table of emissions

Hello gents!

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