Radia #39

“wien wie es klingt” by Gerhard Rühm
the radioplay “wien wie es klingt” places 24 significant listening spots of the austrian capital vienna into the framework of a daily routine – something like an acoustic equivalent to two sets of postcards. it begins in the early morning with the arrival at the railway station. the thematic middle of the piece is marked by the ringing of the bells of st. stephen’s cathedral in the center of the city at noon, and the piece ends in the late evening with the departure from the airport at schwechat. strewn in between is a tourist programme which could hardly be accomplished in one day. a compressed 47 minute sequence was distilled from the 12 hours of recording and arranged roughly chronologically with regard to normal visiting times in the morning, afternoon, and evening but precluding any kind of realistic plot by making geographical leaps all over the city. Produced in 1991/1992 for the series METROPOLIS at the WDR, Köln (Studio for Akustischer Kunst) in co-production with ORF Kunstradio, Wien. http://www.kunstradio.at/1992A/18_6_92.html

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Radia #38

If I’m not mistaken there never was a radia 38. It’s a bit confusing…


This is an updated schedule for the coming weeks.
Radia is from now on 30 minutes long.

resonancefm 02.01 – 08.01
radio.cult 09.01 – 15.01
tilos 16.01 – 22.01
radio campus 23.01 – 29.01
riist 30.01 – 05.02
grenouille 06.02 – 12.02
reboot.fm 13.02 – 19.02
orange 20.02 – 26.02

radia #37

contributed by orange 94.0, vienna

greetings from vienna – acoustic postcards
how does vienna sound? what is typical and what is untypical? are there specific every-day sounds which only exist in vienna? do audible counterparts of sights exist? what does the dignity of sounds consist of? when do they become replaceable?

this radia contribution gathers sound miniatures of 17 artists, each based on an original sound recorded in vienna. artists in order of appearance: astrid schwarz, werner moebius, the zombiemouse aka karl kilian, ilse chlan, raumschiff engelmayr, johannes paul heilig, joerg piringer, lale rodgarkia-dara, arno splinks, barbara kaiser, bernhard gal, ernst reitermaier, arnold haberl aka noid, ulrich troyer, kera nagel, andré aspelmeier aka gradcom

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#36 Birthdata

The latest contribution by reboot.fm to radia. A exploration of the kafaesque file structures behind… Birthdata is a work by Marlena Corcoran.

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New schedule

kanal 103 28.11 – 04.12
reboot.fm 05.12 – 11.12
orange 12.12 – 18.12
kunstradio 19.12 – 25.12
resonancefm 26.12 – 01.01.2006
radio.cult 02.01 – 08.01
tilos 09.01 – 15.01
radio campus 16.01 – 22.01
riist 23.01 – 29.01
kanal 103 30.01 – 05.02
grenouille 06.02 – 12.02
reboot.fm 13.02 – 19.02
orange 20.02 – 26.02
kunstradio 27.02 – 05.03

radia035 pt.2

during problems with radio swap and downloading of second part of radia 035 i upload it again as separate program
dnl on radio swap
sorry for problems

radia 035

[radia 035] kanal 103, skopje

part one: song about a bird
artist: marko stoimenov and friends

song about a bird was started as experimental film project. its recorded at marko stoimenovs (video artist) apartment in belgrade when he and his friends was having fun after some film festival or after party… and spontaneously started to shoot things that they were doing with a camera. his room is surrounded with dvd surround system so when they were shooting the stuff they were playing, sound was delayed thru the surround system, going in circle and making strange delay effect. they were playing guitar, other strange home prepared instruments and stuff that produces sound as well as singing. a girl from brazil was singing lyrics from some song called about a bird which can be the name of this project. other markos friends were included, like artist vladimir lukash from skopje. you can also hear singing and talking on serbian and macedonian. marko showed me this videos when i was staying at his place in belgrade and i was thinking that it is really interesting also as a sound. exactly there is a story behind this brazilian poem but i cant remember what was it… listen to it and imagine the story. its up to u… as always

part two: normal music

second part is non pretentious ambient/clicks n cuts mix consisted from couple tracks from labels zeromoon and acid fake
www.zeromoon.com / www.acidfake.tk
choice/mix: every kid on speed
project – trackname – release (label)
– normal music – close your eyes and you too can make normal music – generic (zeromoon)
– arturas bumsteinas – retourneau – placido (zeromoon)
– normal music – acid binario – acid takes (acid fake)
– cd-r – plateaux – hide and seek (zeromoon)

download two 30 min pieces radio swap


…directly from Porto by The Marta et al

The Revolution is in danger!…and the human being, too!

Human being failures, error and non sense are the fields of study of The Marta. There is beauty in all of this. In the last 5 minutes the story of the first 55 is told, introducing all characteres of this psych-experimental voyage.

The Marta – all except:
Brian von Kuba aka Macaco Mau aka Donald Bush(2003) – technological juggling
Anne Grabow aka Ted Minsky – last guitar piece

from Lisbon, with love (buy in the usual places)

Radia 33

Travel Log, by Aernaudt Jacobs

Abstract: Sound travel log by sound designer and musician Aernaudt Jacobs, aka TMRX. It contains sounds recorded in a taxi and in the royal palace in Brussels, sounds from China, and sounds from Mexico (Texolo, Zocalo Mexico City, Monte Alban, Zacatecas, Real de Catorce, Naolinco, Xalapa, Cerro de la bufa).

words in differant languages.

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