Radia #54

Dear you all,

Here is the fresh and up to date contribution from Grenouille to the RADIA network.
Sorry for the delay but the program maker’s first child being born on 7 April came to disturb the normal development of Art!

The sound material for this program was recorded during 3 impro sessions where program maker Fabrice Cesario (multi-effects, radio, tape, whistling tube and solo analog synthesizer) invited other fellows. At first he played with Olivier Maurel (cello, multi-effects, FM and HF radio). Then joined Andy Bolus (homemade audio switch) and Erik Minkkinen (pitched voice, 80’s electronic drum) – this 4-person band was named ‘Phantom Power’ for this occasion (Andy insisted). The last session was a set by ‘Olga Tüdjnik’: a duet with Eva Jacobi (voice, toys and sound files). The program is a result of an editing of this material (recorded at each time on multi-tracks) with parsimonious addition of Fabrice’s solo performances.

Fabrice Cesario attempts to free music from the word ‘free’ – that has been a label among others which format and level music. He wants to put weight on the other scale of the machine.
About this program, Fabrice says: “My music happens at the very moment I’m making it. What you can perceive in this radio program is not exactly the music I made: it is an ‘écorché’ (a cutaway – litterally ‘skinned’ in French) in the same way you won’t see life on anatomy boards.” So, let’s make it music anew by experiencing its listening!

Download RADIA progam #54 from:

RADIA week 10-16 April 2006. (Happy Lisboa meeting!)

Broadcast on RADIO GRENOUILLE: 17 April, 10:30 AM
88.8 FM in Marseille or http://www.grenouille888.org

Radia 50

The adventures of Khaosz Kapitany

The Adventures of Khaosz Kapitany is the craze of our Sunday nights at Tilos – as it has been for 7 years. The general concept of the show is to gather rare music, sounds, voices and use the characteristics of the studio space – with its gadgets, and Sunday-night hangers around reading auspicious texts to create strange atmospheres.

The present compilation is a mix of music by Nino Rota, Felix Kubin, Sam and the Pharaoes, Alice Coltrain, Albert Einstein Commitee, Ganja Cru, Stock Hausen and Walkman, together with sound fragments picked from old horror videos, radio soap operas and avantgarde poetry with some instrumentral improvisation by Hungarian band leader Dr.Marias. This part is a sample from their special “Menza Brothers – Dadaist Culture Revue” – live instruments, with record manipulation and effects – and two voices reading-yelling found texts – with Khaosz Kapitany at the controls.
Beware… mostly in Hungarian.
OK, basically, it takes you through the purgatory, and …. let’s see what happens at the end.

At the moment it is available here

Radia #49

Radia : Season 6 Show 2
Sofia, Bulgaria

Emilian Gatsov – “The Mimo Hideout”

Emilian Gatsov is known for his music for theatre performances.
The specific characte of each work allows a wide range of styles and techniques, varying from short pieces to elongated soundscapes and from acoustic to totally artificial electronic palette.

“The Mimo hideout” uses a common approach of slightly processed sound documents combined in a manner that overcomes the actual fact and creates a reality both realistic and artificial.

part 1 here:

part 2 avalable here:

Radia 48

Radia 48 from Resonance (Season 6 show 1) is now available on Radioswap.

This show is the end result of a process that entailed thinking a lot about hunger. It is a constructed audio collision, on the one hand an improvised concert by the Tape Beatles and Tonic Train, on the other a distracted voice, distilled from a roll call of world famines.
Produced by Sarah Washington

Next radia schedule (Season 6)

resonancefm 27.02 – 05.03.2006
radio.cult 06.03. – 12.03.
tilos 13.03. – 19.03.
radio campus 20.03. – 26.03.
riist 27.03. – 02.04. (first birthday of radia broadcasts!)
kanal 103 03.04. – 09.04.
grenouille 10.04. – 16.04. (show #54)
reboot.fm 17.04. – 23.04. (show #55)
orange 24.04. – 30.04. (show #56)
lemurie 01.05 – 07.05. (show #57)

Jingle suggestion

Radia jingle feb2006.
List of radio stations: Resonance, Tilos, Cult, Campus, Reboot, Orange, Kanal 103, Grenouille, RIIST, Kunstradio.
I’ve got a “Zero” track, when we have to change 🙂

Download on Radioswap:
.wav format: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr756
(Don’t know why it says .riff format. Download it and change .riff into .wav)
.ogg format: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr757

Radia #45 – a forgotten post

Sorry for forgetting. This post is for archive.
Radia #45 introduced first sounds from Marseille. (First contribution from Radio Grenouille to Radia)

Playlist: Un résumé de rue (summary of a street) by David Bouvard. Angambi dans la communauté (Trouble in the community), an improvisation by Arno Calleja and Laure Maternati. Méditerranée, by Jeanine Denis, street singer. Cut up radio et vie intime sur dictaphone (Radio cut-up and intimate life on dictaphone), by Amy Chauveau. Les cartes, Carmen (Cards, Carmen), an excerpt from On a toujours été séparés (We’ve always been apart), from a conversation between Sarah Kéryna and her grandmother. Recording by Sarah Kéryna, editing and mix by Paule Anders. Cheminement, deuxième partie (Development, 2nd part), by Pôm Bouvier B.

Download on Radioswap: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr749

Radia # 46: My FM

My FM for reboot.fm and the world. Patric Catani, aka Candiehank contributes this 30 minute show.

check it out:

Radia on Podcast

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Radia Podcast

Radia 044 – essays on Radio (can I have two minutes of your time?)

From RIIST – Future Radio Zero

(the nera maling list as the directions for the treasure chest…)

From Cronica (the folks who did this)

“Essays on Radio aims to comment on the sound medium, on the technology
and the culture of radio.

In the midst of media saturation, radio can easily end by being an
overlooked medium, not only due to its lower visibility compared to
most mainstream media but mostly because it is an un-visual medium. It
is also one of the longer standing and of the oldest electronic media
that is still alive, so the novelty factor is not a help.

Radio was the first broadcast medium, as well as the first that was
sound-specific and intangible. Historically, radio was the primary
responsible for an awareness of sound that went beyond the strict scope
of music.

Radio is a saturated live medium, where much happens simultaneously.
Having little or no control about the sources and the interferences
during broadcast and reception turns radio into a medium where we can
easily and objectively experience noise. Therefore, it was probably
through radio that many first heard white noise. It was probably with a
radio receiver that many first modulated noise as it was probably
through radio that we experienced randomness along with the lack of
control and indeterminacy.

This theme was intended to provide the artists with a starting point to
approach the work. Unlike we did in the previous compilation, there
would be no audio sources provided to the artists beforehand. In this
release, what we were looking for were not exercises on composing from
shaping any given sound matter but rather on relating the musical
pieces to this particular context: Radio.

As a further way to coherently organize the CD, we asked all the
artists to produce the pieces with a fixed duration. This symbolic
length allowed us to fit work from some of the artists we released so
far and a few selected guests and it also served as a strong structure
binding all the compositions together. Given the fact that we are
closing the 2nd year of Crónica releases, we proposed that all tracks
should have the fixed duration of 2 minutes, exactly.

Therefore the sub-title: Can I have two minutes of your time?”