updated schedule

kanal 103 10.10 – 16.10
kunstradio 17.10 – 23.10
resonancefm 24.10 – 30.10
radio.cult 31.10 – 06.11
tilos 07.11 – 13.11
radio campus 14.11 – 20.11
riist 21.11 – 27.11
kanal 103 28.11 – 04.12
reboot.fm 05.12 – 11.12
orange 12.12 – 18.12
kunstradio 19.12 – 25.12

radia 25

here it is, the first out-of-the-house RIST production, bringing a new artist to the sound waves, Luis Antero and his project Out Level. Luis Antero is a self-tought amateur musician working in the experimental music universe. The show is 50 min long, in two sets, using processed electric guitar and samples (TV, spoken word and vinil (these by Aguila). the work is licenced under a creative commons licence. go get it at the usual places 😉

at the end, has bonus, a production from the second release of a very good netlabel, comfort stand: Twizzle – Soda Fountain

Note: due to a mistake, the description in the show says the project is called “Out Loud” but the correct name is “Out Level”.

updated schedule

who is producing which porgram in the coming weeks :
kunstradio 08.08 – 14.08
buffer program 15.08 – 21.08
resonancefm 22.08 – 28.08
radio.cult 29.08 – 04.09
tilos 05.09 – 11.09
radio campus 12.09 – 18.09
riist 19.09 – 25.09
kanal 103 26.09 – 02.10
reboot.fm 03.10 – 09.10
orange 10.10 – 16.10
kunstradio 17.10 – 23.10

Latest timetable

Here’s the timetable of the current season, please make changes if it’s not correct:

Radia11 resonancefm 13.06 – 19.06 Tuesdays 15:30
Radia12 radio.cult 20.06 – 26.06 Friday 18:00, Sunday 18:00 *
Radia13 tilos 27.06 – 03.07
Radia14 radio campus 04.07 – 10.07 Saturdays 16:00 *
Radia15 riist 11.07 – 17.07 Wednesday 01:00, Saturday 20:00
Radia16 kanal 103 (delayed) Tuesday 23.00
Radia17 reboot.fm 25.07 – 31.07
Radia18 orange 01.08 – 07.08 Thursdays 15:00
Radia19 kunstradio 08.08 – 14.08
Radia20 kanal 103 15.08 – 21.08 Tuesday 23.00

*most stations swapped the broadcast of Radia12 and 14.

Knut (Resonance104.4fm)


radia_07 is up on radio swap
sorry for delay and for all that are plyaing the program today
here is description:

[radia_07] toni dimitrov – thinner_sound_scape_mix (kanal 103)

artist: toni dimitrov
radio station: kanal 103 [www.kanal103.com.mk]
name: thinner_sound_scape_mix
description: dj mix from thinner releases tracks
length: 65:42

at the beginning of the new century when the dub revival sound emerged in the contemporary electronic music and it reached the highest level, thinner was one of the most expanding labels pushing that sound beyond its borders. this trend of fusioning dub sound with contemporary dance styles emerged in berlin around the hard wax record store and labels maurizio, rhythm and sound, chain reaction… creating a new deep techno sound combined with dub. Than the labels like force tracks, ~scape, meteosound… took the idea and continued with it adding a contemporary production. thinner was one of the first net labels that deserves to be on same level like the above mentioned labels.
i have been continuously following their sound from the first release through the period of the fast development, and have been presenting on my radio programs where the constant change and variations of the sound could be easily noticed. they are persistently changing the combinations of styles in mixing dub sound with any other contemporary dance form, for instance: techno, house, clicks’ n’ cuts and even trance and ambient… and of course changing into production, following latest production accomplishments. every release is as fresh as can be, presenting the sounds of the moment. at the end of every year im making lists of the best albums, singles, artists and labels of that year. According to the originality, general achievements in music and approach, thinner was label of the year for 2002.
later thinner also started a sub label named autoplate, a base for more experimental sound excursions defined as ‘music for headphones’. sometimes they are droney or dark ambient, but their sound is also very close to thinner duby ambiences. artists that release on thinner as well often provide their ambient work to autoplate.
i can freely say that it was amazingly hard to choose a selection of one hour of music from my favorite label for the last couple of years… a label from which i like all the stuff… nevertheless it was necessary to choose something for this mix. all these tacks are from the latest thinner releases and one from the autoplate release. they are all under creative common license. the sound varies from ambient and clicks n cuts to regular thinner duby house stuff. use it for after-hours, afterparties, chilling out, for deep dance floors and home parties or just for relaxing and yr own listening pleasure. enjoy!


vladislav delay – demo(n) cuts c – demo(n) cuts ep [thn066]
krill.minima – nautica – crossways [thn070-1]
lomov – sommersumpf – holzwege [apl028]
digitalverein – window and figure, space and volume – changes [thn067]
benfay – the carribean bar (paul’s starlight remix) – va: one touch button remixes [thn060]
johan skugge – barceloneta – skyddsnisch ep [thn061]
swat squad – popo – lunatica mep [thn064]
veer – the path – where nothing ever happened [thn072]
lomov – hanussen – mounting stags [thn071]
jeff bennett – lowdown – lowdown ep [thn063]
selffish – the film – ena [thn055]
holger flinsch – moonfloat – the watcher and the tower [thn053]
deluge – veryultra – the metapop complex [thn069]
holger flinsch – pole -discovery ep [thn065]
t-polar – global animal dub – tonal soul ep [thn062]
dennis desantis – reflexive calvinist twitch – transatlantic nightclub ep [thn052]
benfay – warm home – one touch button music [thn054]
alice mackay & benfay – jump (jensen & verveine remix) – lighthouse ep [thn068]

Radia 03

Radia 03, coming in from Tilos Radio can be found there :
with all the relevant info. It will also be archived on radioswap soon (i will also archive radia 02 on radioswap for eventual future rebroadcast)

The Radia table of emissions

Hello gents!

Here is a detailed table of Radia emissions, that you can check with your portable emission detection device!

Radio date (start-end) weekly broadcast time
resonancefm 04.04 – 10.04 Tuesdays 15:30
radio.cult 11.04 – 17.04 Friday 18:00, Sunday 18:00
tilos 18.04 – 24.04
radio campus 25.04 – 01.05 Saturdays 16:00
riist 09.05 – 15.05 Wednesday 01:00, Saturday 20:00
kanal 103 16.05 – 22.05 Tuesday 23.00
reboot.fm 23.05 – 29.05
orange 30.05 – 05.06 Thursdays 15:00
kunstradio 06.06 – 12.06

All hours local time unless stated.