Radia season 7 schedule

resonancefm 08.05 – 14.05.2006 (show #58)
radio.cult 15.05. – 21.05. (show #59)
tilos 22.05. – 28.05. (show #60)
radio campus 29.05. – 04.06. (show #61)
riist 05.06. – 11.06. (show #62)
kanal 103 12.06. – 18.06. (show #63)
grenouille 19.06. – 25.06. (show #64)
reboot.fm 26.06. – 02.07. (show #65)
orange 03.07. – 09.07. (show #66)
lemurie 10.07 – 16.07. (show #67)

Remember that shows have to be available on radioswap one week before the broadcast period.

The season 6 schedule can be found here.

Jingle update

I’ve just updated and uploaded the Radia jingle.

Available on Radioswap.

List of radio stations: Resonance, Tilos, Radio Cult, Radio Campus, Reboot, Orange, Kanal 103, Grenouille, Zero.

(not Lemurie yet!)
Welcome to them… Will they bring a new jingle?


Jingle suggestion

Radia jingle feb2006.
List of radio stations: Resonance, Tilos, Cult, Campus, Reboot, Orange, Kanal 103, Grenouille, RIIST, Kunstradio.
I’ve got a “Zero” track, when we have to change 🙂

Download on Radioswap:
.wav format: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr756
(Don’t know why it says .riff format. Download it and change .riff into .wav)
.ogg format: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr757

Radia on Podcast

Ouh Ouh. Tired of just missing the Radia shows because of (favorite reason here). No anymore! Just subscribe Radia podcast right here!

Radia Podcast

Radia #38

If I’m not mistaken there never was a radia 38. It’s a bit confusing…


This is an updated schedule for the coming weeks.
Radia is from now on 30 minutes long.

resonancefm 02.01 – 08.01
radio.cult 09.01 – 15.01
tilos 16.01 – 22.01
radio campus 23.01 – 29.01
riist 30.01 – 05.02
grenouille 06.02 – 12.02
reboot.fm 13.02 – 19.02
orange 20.02 – 26.02

New schedule

kanal 103 28.11 – 04.12
reboot.fm 05.12 – 11.12
orange 12.12 – 18.12
kunstradio 19.12 – 25.12
resonancefm 26.12 – 01.01.2006
radio.cult 02.01 – 08.01
tilos 09.01 – 15.01
radio campus 16.01 – 22.01
riist 23.01 – 29.01
kanal 103 30.01 – 05.02
grenouille 06.02 – 12.02
reboot.fm 13.02 – 19.02
orange 20.02 – 26.02
kunstradio 27.02 – 05.03

radia 035

[radia 035] kanal 103, skopje

part one: song about a bird
artist: marko stoimenov and friends

song about a bird was started as experimental film project. its recorded at marko stoimenovs (video artist) apartment in belgrade when he and his friends was having fun after some film festival or after party… and spontaneously started to shoot things that they were doing with a camera. his room is surrounded with dvd surround system so when they were shooting the stuff they were playing, sound was delayed thru the surround system, going in circle and making strange delay effect. they were playing guitar, other strange home prepared instruments and stuff that produces sound as well as singing. a girl from brazil was singing lyrics from some song called about a bird which can be the name of this project. other markos friends were included, like artist vladimir lukash from skopje. you can also hear singing and talking on serbian and macedonian. marko showed me this videos when i was staying at his place in belgrade and i was thinking that it is really interesting also as a sound. exactly there is a story behind this brazilian poem but i cant remember what was it… listen to it and imagine the story. its up to u… as always

part two: normal music

second part is non pretentious ambient/clicks n cuts mix consisted from couple tracks from labels zeromoon and acid fake
www.zeromoon.com / www.acidfake.tk
choice/mix: every kid on speed
project – trackname – release (label)
– normal music – close your eyes and you too can make normal music – generic (zeromoon)
– arturas bumsteinas – retourneau – placido (zeromoon)
– normal music – acid binario – acid takes (acid fake)
– cd-r – plateaux – hide and seek (zeromoon)

download two 30 min pieces radio swap

Radio Grenouille, Marseille

Radio Grenouille will start broadcasting the weekly Radia programs in November. Time slot is Mondays, 10:30 – 11:30. Bienvenue aux Marseillais!

some links for the meeting

Eric Moeller tries to make clear that the creative commons license notion of “non-commercial” is rather blocking a free flow of information AND a revenue stream for the artist. he votes for making it stronger by adding the viral element of “share alike”, to allow remixes, which need to be published under the same license.

PRX is a well sponsored, and recently redesigned archive for public radio broadcasts mostly in the US, but also a growing number of international contributors. they offer a licensing scheme to allow revenue for artists. (no idea if it is working). guess it would be good to include radia shows there, with the permission of the artists indeed. steven shapiro comes from berkman center and worked with Larry Lessig.

archive.org is still the standard setting open archive, which integrates netaudio (scene.org) and netlabels, live-concerts like etree.org, and and and. see the music part. it becomes the mother of all open archives.. now that it teams up with yahoo and several university libaries rivaling behemoth google.

tim O’Reillys net-evangelism of the global consciousness “what is web 2.0” – rather hyped, because much of it is known common wisdom of web 1.0, before it got dot.com bombed… but still worth to read and remember maybe.

podcast radio hasn’t been done in a real way yet… but there is gigadial, an interesting podcast remixing portal realized in OpenACS. Buma/Stemra of Netherlands has introduced a royality compensation scheme for podcasting first. Let’s move over there…