some links for the meeting

Eric Moeller tries to make clear that the creative commons license notion of “non-commercial” is rather blocking a free flow of information AND a revenue stream for the artist. he votes for making it stronger by adding the viral element of “share alike”, to allow remixes, which need to be published under the same license.

PRX is a well sponsored, and recently redesigned archive for public radio broadcasts mostly in the US, but also a growing number of international contributors. they offer a licensing scheme to allow revenue for artists. (no idea if it is working). guess it would be good to include radia shows there, with the permission of the artists indeed. steven shapiro comes from berkman center and worked with Larry Lessig. is still the standard setting open archive, which integrates netaudio ( and netlabels, live-concerts like, and and and. see the music part. it becomes the mother of all open archives.. now that it teams up with yahoo and several university libaries rivaling behemoth google.

tim O’Reillys net-evangelism of the global consciousness “what is web 2.0” – rather hyped, because much of it is known common wisdom of web 1.0, before it got bombed… but still worth to read and remember maybe.

podcast radio hasn’t been done in a real way yet… but there is gigadial, an interesting podcast remixing portal realized in OpenACS. Buma/Stemra of Netherlands has introduced a royality compensation scheme for podcasting first. Let’s move over there…