Radia #54

Dear you all,

Here is the fresh and up to date contribution from Grenouille to the RADIA network.
Sorry for the delay but the program maker’s first child being born on 7 April came to disturb the normal development of Art!

The sound material for this program was recorded during 3 impro sessions where program maker Fabrice Cesario (multi-effects, radio, tape, whistling tube and solo analog synthesizer) invited other fellows. At first he played with Olivier Maurel (cello, multi-effects, FM and HF radio). Then joined Andy Bolus (homemade audio switch) and Erik Minkkinen (pitched voice, 80’s electronic drum) – this 4-person band was named ‘Phantom Power’ for this occasion (Andy insisted). The last session was a set by ‘Olga Tüdjnik’: a duet with Eva Jacobi (voice, toys and sound files). The program is a result of an editing of this material (recorded at each time on multi-tracks) with parsimonious addition of Fabrice’s solo performances.

Fabrice Cesario attempts to free music from the word ‘free’ – that has been a label among others which format and level music. He wants to put weight on the other scale of the machine.
About this program, Fabrice says: “My music happens at the very moment I’m making it. What you can perceive in this radio program is not exactly the music I made: it is an ‘écorché’ (a cutaway – litterally ‘skinned’ in French) in the same way you won’t see life on anatomy boards.” So, let’s make it music anew by experiencing its listening!

Download RADIA progam #54 from:

RADIA week 10-16 April 2006. (Happy Lisboa meeting!)

Broadcast on RADIO GRENOUILLE: 17 April, 10:30 AM
88.8 FM in Marseille or http://www.grenouille888.org

Jingle update

I’ve just updated and uploaded the Radia jingle.

Available on Radioswap.

List of radio stations: Resonance, Tilos, Radio Cult, Radio Campus, Reboot, Orange, Kanal 103, Grenouille, Zero.

(not Lemurie yet!)
Welcome to them… Will they bring a new jingle?


Jingle suggestion

Radia jingle feb2006.
List of radio stations: Resonance, Tilos, Cult, Campus, Reboot, Orange, Kanal 103, Grenouille, RIIST, Kunstradio.
I’ve got a “Zero” track, when we have to change 🙂

Download on Radioswap:
.wav format: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr756
(Don’t know why it says .riff format. Download it and change .riff into .wav)
.ogg format: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr757

Radia #45 – a forgotten post

Sorry for forgetting. This post is for archive.
Radia #45 introduced first sounds from Marseille. (First contribution from Radio Grenouille to Radia)

Playlist: Un résumé de rue (summary of a street) by David Bouvard. Angambi dans la communauté (Trouble in the community), an improvisation by Arno Calleja and Laure Maternati. Méditerranée, by Jeanine Denis, street singer. Cut up radio et vie intime sur dictaphone (Radio cut-up and intimate life on dictaphone), by Amy Chauveau. Les cartes, Carmen (Cards, Carmen), an excerpt from On a toujours été séparés (We’ve always been apart), from a conversation between Sarah Kéryna and her grandmother. Recording by Sarah Kéryna, editing and mix by Paule Anders. Cheminement, deuxième partie (Development, 2nd part), by Pôm Bouvier B.

Download on Radioswap: http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php/001pr749