Radia #43

the mysterious radia top ten
currated by Derek Sein and Otto Sein
(!!!there is no jingle!!!)
from Radio Campus in Brussels;

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Radia #41

Here is Radia from… Bulgaria

length: 30 min
language: Bulgaria
Radia jingle: no


Ressonoria – The Airport – Republic of the sound.
A mockumentary by tkrst
About tkrst:

Graduated in Theatre critics.
No music education.
Seriously involved in music for 15 years through
different bands and frequently ceased projects.
Working as tkrst – solo – since 2000.
I investigate the social and political connections
that music is burdened to maintain.
Mediocre anarchist soul.

Recent projects include:


About Resonoria


Anti-utopic static story about a country-airport,
The whole political moral is manifested in forcing absurd sound limits,
frequency sell, prison for violators.
Anti-utopia aimed at the airport of all sound experimentalists, full of
bites- like the name of the airport is called ” frequenz shumen” (shumen is
“noisy” in bulgarian). of course the end the naivety smashes the airport and
ends the game.

Radia #40

Radia Season 5 show 1 (Radia 40) from Resonance FM
Dead by Dawn
This radio piece by Tom Wallace deals with clinical reports of people (mainly young drug abusers) who die whilst in hospital. The reading of their unfortunate medical histories is underscored with an electronic music composition made from hospital noises. The piece has been played once on Resonance fm, but was hidden in a larger programme due to the sensitiity of the theme.

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Radia #39

“wien wie es klingt” by Gerhard Rühm
the radioplay “wien wie es klingt” places 24 significant listening spots of the austrian capital vienna into the framework of a daily routine – something like an acoustic equivalent to two sets of postcards. it begins in the early morning with the arrival at the railway station. the thematic middle of the piece is marked by the ringing of the bells of st. stephen’s cathedral in the center of the city at noon, and the piece ends in the late evening with the departure from the airport at schwechat. strewn in between is a tourist programme which could hardly be accomplished in one day. a compressed 47 minute sequence was distilled from the 12 hours of recording and arranged roughly chronologically with regard to normal visiting times in the morning, afternoon, and evening but precluding any kind of realistic plot by making geographical leaps all over the city. Produced in 1991/1992 for the series METROPOLIS at the WDR, Köln (Studio for Akustischer Kunst) in co-production with ORF Kunstradio, Wien. http://www.kunstradio.at/1992A/18_6_92.html

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Radia #38

If I’m not mistaken there never was a radia 38. It’s a bit confusing…


This is an updated schedule for the coming weeks.
Radia is from now on 30 minutes long.

resonancefm 02.01 – 08.01
radio.cult 09.01 – 15.01
tilos 16.01 – 22.01
radio campus 23.01 – 29.01
riist 30.01 – 05.02
grenouille 06.02 – 12.02
reboot.fm 13.02 – 19.02
orange 20.02 – 26.02

New schedule

kanal 103 28.11 – 04.12
reboot.fm 05.12 – 11.12
orange 12.12 – 18.12
kunstradio 19.12 – 25.12
resonancefm 26.12 – 01.01.2006
radio.cult 02.01 – 08.01
tilos 09.01 – 15.01
radio campus 16.01 – 22.01
riist 23.01 – 29.01
kanal 103 30.01 – 05.02
grenouille 06.02 – 12.02
reboot.fm 13.02 – 19.02
orange 20.02 – 26.02
kunstradio 27.02 – 05.03

Radia 33

Travel Log, by Aernaudt Jacobs

Abstract: Sound travel log by sound designer and musician Aernaudt Jacobs, aka TMRX. It contains sounds recorded in a taxi and in the royal palace in Brussels, sounds from China, and sounds from Mexico (Texolo, Zocalo Mexico City, Monte Alban, Zacatecas, Real de Catorce, Naolinco, Xalapa, Cerro de la bufa).

words in differant languages.

links for download from radioswap (need to be logged in) : here

Radia 30

presented by patrick mcginley

framework is a show consecrated to field recording,
and its use in
composition. this edition (constructed specially for
the radia network) brings you a one-hour continuous
soundscape consisting entirely of untreated field
recordings from the host’s collection, and culminates
with the premiere of a recent composition (which
shares its name with the program), ‘framework 1’. for
more information, see framework’s website at http://www.resonancefm.com/framework.

Radia 29

Sound Drifting

Sound Drifting: I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro was an interdependent temporary
system of 16 international remote sub-projects, which used a wide range of
methods and approaches to the generation, processing and presentation of
data/sounds/images to form a nine-day long continuous on line – on site – on
air sound installation on the occasion of the Ars Electronica festival’99

The publication documents the unusual interdependent, temporary system´. The
installation had several very different on site versions in Europe and
Australia and was also rendered into an 8 hour radio-installation (Austria and
a 5 day non stop radio-sculpture in Weimar, Germany). More than 50 artists were
involved in this project.

In the publication two CDs are included. Radia #29 is a very long excerpt of the
second CD, which was composed by a generative programme using samples from short
examples (approx. 4 min) sent by each node of the SOUND DRIFTING NETWORK after
the live event had ended.

The generative programme used was the SOUND DRIFTER designed by Winfried Ritsch
(Graz, A).

downloadable on radioswap, with a log in.