Radia 12

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Radia 14

Radia 14, produced by Martiens Go Home for Radio Campus, has been available for some times now (and I think many radia partners have already broadcast it) but anyway here is the link so this blog-thing site serves its archives purpose :
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radia 13 – tilos

Exotic Jam – are you hungary?

What happens when you get a bunch of people living in Hungary in a studio? Well sit down and LISTEN, there are further questions.

What may come from a country as representation of local art? Yes, you’ve got special local art, more specifically local then universal, and knowing certain patterns typical of a region instantly helps you recognise where it is from. And you’ve got local versions of international trends. Our RADIA network itself provides a great variety of answers to these questions, just browse through the types of shows, their origins and their themes, languages.

Minor languages, smaller language-communities – once taken out of their isolation – have always needed to interpret what is going around them in different languages, and naturally, the outside communication is almost for sure in a major language. And then you have foreigners who feel like crossing the – already disappearing – national boundaries, and settle down in a small country, bringing a fresh experience and a new outlook on a city.

What is a nation at the turn of the 21st century, and what is it that a small nation officially communicates about herself – as a newly joined EU country – these still don’t necessarily cover each other properly.

At the time of communism, black people – due to the great solidarity for people oppressed by the West ha ha – could come to study in Eastern Europe typically at universities such as Medical and Technical, some stayed here, and had families, some went back, but there is a growing number of young black people, and typical community groups and locales appearing – as everywhere minority groups are in the formation.

Gimmeshot hip hop crew was officially formed in 2000, gathering MC’s and bringing up DJ’s around DJ Mango – aka producer Modul – who’s been backing up local and international MC’s and poets with beats and records for more than a decade. Another portion of the crew’s momentum is gathered from Afro-Hungarian MC queen Sena (recent cooperations with DJ Vadim (UK), DJ Spider (F)), and MC Kemon, the Caribbean football bass-wordbouncer (recently featured on Cay Taylan‘s EP), not to forget about big beatboxer Busa, a favourite of local jazz and folk musicians. Resonance listeners could already have a taste of them at last year’s Radio Art Riot as the band backing Canadian spoken word artist Dwayne Morgan, as members are active in different formations from several musical instruments to bigger eclectic setups. And if an international artist comes to visit Budapest – as you can see it from the cooperation list – they seem to be ready to take the challenge, so this is the time to listen to the local source.

This special show is introduced and closed by a live project of Busa with folk musicians, called Zuboly, featuring Hungarian “unplugged folk bootlegs”. The studio jam is produced by Mango and Polski, and the heart of the studio, Elm, together with the three above mentioned vocal beat gals and bwoys.

They are no kings and queens really, just a happy street family.

Take a trip with them

Radia 11

The Radia 11 show is available on radioswap, sorry for the delay:
Radia 11 from Resonance 104.4FM in London, U.K
title: 24hours as a slice of the East End.
A sonic portrait of London’s East End through field recordings made during 24 hours.
By Dan Beban and Martin Williams.
Time: 55m40s
once logged to radioswap : this link

Radia 10

devolve into II – a special Mix

by Peter Courtemanche and Lori Weidenhammer (Vancouver), Roberto Paci Dalo’ (Rimini), Kim Dawn and Scott Russell (Vancouver), Maex Decker and Ushi Reiter (Linz), Andrew Garton (Melbourne), Ken Gregory (Winnipeg), Emilia Telese and Tim Mark Didymus (Brighton), Wolfgang Temmel (Wies, Steiermark), and Fujui Wang (Taipei).

an ongoing networked streaming project with several on site-versions, a series of on air renderings and a CD version. “devolve into II..” was launched on January 17th, 2002. A coproduction of Kunstradio and Western Front, Vancouver

This Mix was done from a CD with 35 tracks played in radmon mode.

more information can be found under:


the program is downloadable from radioswap (you have to log in first) there.

Radia 09

a cut of a 2-hours livestreaming performance at the lavatory of a
turkish/kurdish restaurant in vienna
bilingual turkish/english
topic: turkey and the rest of europe
during the performance the very narrow lavatory of the restaurant was completely
crowded. the turkish speaking participants who did radio for the first time in
the end actually had become the moderators of the show.
the german speaking participants where not allowed to speak german to mirror the
fact that in the globalized world we increasingly have to manage our existence
as tourists and foreigners.

more info on http://www.kein.org/keinwiki/WetInterviews
artists: www.neuemethode.de, www.dildos-in-arms.de

download from http://www.neuemethode.de/wet-interviews-endmix.ogg
or http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php?id=001pr569 (you need to be logged in)

RADIA 08 – Holy Babble – New Berlin

Holy Babble – Glossolalia from the New Berlin

by Heinrich Dubel (DJ Officer, Officer) and Paul “Paulator” Paulun

The works of Dubel and Paulun on myths and mutations in popular
cultural and musical history – for example James Dean (his death and
his Porsche) and Michael Jackson (as demon-engine of pedophilia) – have
earned them a strong audience in the Berlin radio community.

In “Holy Babble” the psychodaemonic lingo of mythology is extracted
from the Bible’s Revelations, various song-texts and the abyssmal
imaginations of the authors, and injected into a
stream-of-consciosness-style set of electronica.

“Holy Babble” was produced at reboot.fm (Berlin/Germany, May 2005).

“The devil’s body is hard lyk yrn, his face is terrible.”

artist: Paul Paulun & Heinrich Dubel
radio station: reboot.fm, berlin
name: Holy Babble – Glossolalia from the New Berlin
description: thematic audio and spoken text
length: 50:38
comments: too short, lacking radia jingle, includes radia intro-outro, misses some ideal tracks, mainly

download from radioswap once logged in


radia_07 is up on radio swap
sorry for delay and for all that are plyaing the program today
here is description:

[radia_07] toni dimitrov – thinner_sound_scape_mix (kanal 103)

artist: toni dimitrov
radio station: kanal 103 [www.kanal103.com.mk]
name: thinner_sound_scape_mix
description: dj mix from thinner releases tracks
length: 65:42

at the beginning of the new century when the dub revival sound emerged in the contemporary electronic music and it reached the highest level, thinner was one of the most expanding labels pushing that sound beyond its borders. this trend of fusioning dub sound with contemporary dance styles emerged in berlin around the hard wax record store and labels maurizio, rhythm and sound, chain reaction… creating a new deep techno sound combined with dub. Than the labels like force tracks, ~scape, meteosound… took the idea and continued with it adding a contemporary production. thinner was one of the first net labels that deserves to be on same level like the above mentioned labels.
i have been continuously following their sound from the first release through the period of the fast development, and have been presenting on my radio programs where the constant change and variations of the sound could be easily noticed. they are persistently changing the combinations of styles in mixing dub sound with any other contemporary dance form, for instance: techno, house, clicks’ n’ cuts and even trance and ambient… and of course changing into production, following latest production accomplishments. every release is as fresh as can be, presenting the sounds of the moment. at the end of every year im making lists of the best albums, singles, artists and labels of that year. According to the originality, general achievements in music and approach, thinner was label of the year for 2002.
later thinner also started a sub label named autoplate, a base for more experimental sound excursions defined as ‘music for headphones’. sometimes they are droney or dark ambient, but their sound is also very close to thinner duby ambiences. artists that release on thinner as well often provide their ambient work to autoplate.
i can freely say that it was amazingly hard to choose a selection of one hour of music from my favorite label for the last couple of years… a label from which i like all the stuff… nevertheless it was necessary to choose something for this mix. all these tacks are from the latest thinner releases and one from the autoplate release. they are all under creative common license. the sound varies from ambient and clicks n cuts to regular thinner duby house stuff. use it for after-hours, afterparties, chilling out, for deep dance floors and home parties or just for relaxing and yr own listening pleasure. enjoy!


vladislav delay – demo(n) cuts c – demo(n) cuts ep [thn066]
krill.minima – nautica – crossways [thn070-1]
lomov – sommersumpf – holzwege [apl028]
digitalverein – window and figure, space and volume – changes [thn067]
benfay – the carribean bar (paul’s starlight remix) – va: one touch button remixes [thn060]
johan skugge – barceloneta – skyddsnisch ep [thn061]
swat squad – popo – lunatica mep [thn064]
veer – the path – where nothing ever happened [thn072]
lomov – hanussen – mounting stags [thn071]
jeff bennett – lowdown – lowdown ep [thn063]
selffish – the film – ena [thn055]
holger flinsch – moonfloat – the watcher and the tower [thn053]
deluge – veryultra – the metapop complex [thn069]
holger flinsch – pole -discovery ep [thn065]
t-polar – global animal dub – tonal soul ep [thn062]
dennis desantis – reflexive calvinist twitch – transatlantic nightclub ep [thn052]
benfay – warm home – one touch button music [thn054]
alice mackay & benfay – jump (jensen & verveine remix) – lighthouse ep [thn068]

Liz’s ear cinema

The abstract sound narratives that Liz releases on the web are not presented as radio pieces, though it could make for some very good radio and I would program it anyday. “A tone poem in five parts, this is a series of short stories making a full-lenght musical chronicle about the many sides of love. 2 hours of Liz’s subtle sound paintings (…) linked by the voice of Marilyn Monroe.” download (from archive)

Radia 06

Radia 06 is here. From Bandidos Desesperados at RIIST:

“A special BANDIDOS/DESESPERADOS (DESPERATE/BANDITS) radioshow with ground-breaking-dance-or-die portuguese music! Please listen to us, please, thank you very much, please, thank you, please. ”

go get it at the usual places ( RadioSwap ) or at RIIST frontoffice secretary Rute