Radia 30

presented by patrick mcginley

framework is a show consecrated to field recording,
and its use in
composition. this edition (constructed specially for
the radia network) brings you a one-hour continuous
soundscape consisting entirely of untreated field
recordings from the host’s collection, and culminates
with the premiere of a recent composition (which
shares its name with the program), ‘framework 1’. for
more information, see framework’s website at http://www.resonancefm.com/framework.

Radia 29

Sound Drifting

Sound Drifting: I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro was an interdependent temporary
system of 16 international remote sub-projects, which used a wide range of
methods and approaches to the generation, processing and presentation of
data/sounds/images to form a nine-day long continuous on line – on site – on
air sound installation on the occasion of the Ars Electronica festival’99

The publication documents the unusual interdependent, temporary system´. The
installation had several very different on site versions in Europe and
Australia and was also rendered into an 8 hour radio-installation (Austria and
a 5 day non stop radio-sculpture in Weimar, Germany). More than 50 artists were
involved in this project.

In the publication two CDs are included. Radia #29 is a very long excerpt of the
second CD, which was composed by a generative programme using samples from short
examples (approx. 4 min) sent by each node of the SOUND DRIFTING NETWORK after
the live event had ended.

The generative programme used was the SOUND DRIFTER designed by Winfried Ritsch
(Graz, A).

downloadable on radioswap, with a log in.

Radia 28

We don’t know much about it (except it’s from kanal 103), but it’s there :
(need to be logged in to download it)

Radia 27

the orange programme is now also available on radio swap. for some
reason i don’t understand it says there it would only be 1:38 min.
although it actually is 57:44 (jingle included now). i tried the
download and it worked…
(login needed to download)
Alter Biographies
Radio Essay about Alternative Biographies
Abstract:Did you ever think about rewriting or re-reading the story of your life? This Radio Essay is asking questions towards the possibilities of thinking of “alternatives” for your own life story or the story of others. A contribution of Orange 94.0, Vienna to radia

radia 25

here it is, the first out-of-the-house RIST production, bringing a new artist to the sound waves, Luis Antero and his project Out Level. Luis Antero is a self-tought amateur musician working in the experimental music universe. The show is 50 min long, in two sets, using processed electric guitar and samples (TV, spoken word and vinil (these by Aguila). the work is licenced under a creative commons licence. go get it at the usual places 😉

at the end, has bonus, a production from the second release of a very good netlabel, comfort stand: Twizzle – Soda Fountain

Note: due to a mistake, the description in the show says the project is called “Out Loud” but the correct name is “Out Level”.

Radia 24

this program is based on texts written by french poet Armand Robin. During years 50’s and 60’s, he spent most of his time listening to shortwave radio stations, in various languages, comparing the evolution of propagandist reporting. He was then publishing a weekly listening report that he printed and distibuted himself (i think it was 23 copies, made with a stencil printing machine). In this program, readings of bits of text (it’s in french) are mixed with various sounds, a lot of them sampled from my friends Martiens Go Home.
http://radioswap.ulb.ac.be/get.php?id=001pr640 to download it from radioswap (you need to be logged in)

Radia 22

http://kei.cult.bg/radia/Radia22_Radio_Cult.ogg (69,07 MB)

RADIA 22, Radio Cult

First part of Radia 22 consists of a sliced and diced recordings
of experimental gatherings of Bulgarian artist working in the field of
ambient, minimal, micro-sound, noise and experiments. It is a edited and
2 captures of the jam sessions that happened during the second edition
of The Ambient Festival
in Sofia, 2005.

Performed in a live session as part of Ambian Festival, Sofia 2005 by:

Dimitar Pascalev – Bluba Lu
Emilian Gatzov – Elbi
Todor Stoyanov and Stefan Hristov – Ambient Anarchist
Ivo Petrov – Skylined

Performed in a live session as part of Ambian Festival, Sofia 2005 by:

Tzvetomir Krumov – Backpullver
Konstantin Katzarski – Bluba Lu
Alexander Daniel – Ambient Anarchist
Strahil Velchev and Konstantin Petrov – MicroWhat

The second part is a capture of the Hans Tammen’s Third Eye Orchestra.
A concept, in which Tammen as a conductor is inspired by Miles Davis’
subtle style of conducting.
Hans Tammen works with a wide collection of mechanical devices on his
“endangered” guitars, and uses an interactive software of his own design
to rework his sounds in realtime. Projects include site-specific
performances and collaborative efforts with dance, light or video. He
works as a production manager at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center
in New York, responsible for managing the audio, audio postproduction
and video studios, the education program and for overseeing all projects
related to Max/MSP/Jitter or Physical Computing.

These recordings were taken during the Out of Context performances of
the Third Eye Orchestra at St. Anastasia island and Sofia in August.
The concept was broadened by utilizing the laptop as the only instrument
used in the orchestra.

Part of the Third Eye Orchestra were:

Hans Tammen – USA
Carol Parkinson – USA
Mloski and RES – Bulgaria
KEi – Bulgaria
Acid Fake – Macedonia
Yoko and Dusty – Bulgaria
KiNK – Bulgaria

Radia 21

Radia show no.21 (tx week 22.8. – 28.8.) is available

The piece is by Ergo Phizmiz and called “Rabbit Hole
Variations” – a fantasia on Lewis Carroll and What-Not

Have a look at his website at www.ergophizmiz.com

Radia 19

Radia 19 from Kunstradio is available from Radioswap (login needed)
It’s made of six parts.
Virtual Nature by Bill Fontana
Info can be found under: http://www.kunstradio.at/FONTANA/LS/index.html http://www.kunstradio.at/TAKE/CD/fontana2.html

radia 18: random voices choir questions

Orange 94.0, Vienna

„Feif Minuten“
Caroline Hofer (text, voice), Jens Döring (music, production), Max Czerwenka (voice, recording) – additional voice contributions by Resonance FM and riist
Feif Minuten is a random play. Made of: music, ambience and speech – mixed into a piece of 11.294 seconds – in any combination, as often as you want. This way mini-radioplays emerge which can be used as inspiring appetizers or in-betweens. The sentences are taken from every-day life, fantasy, the present, the past and the future.

„Von AHA bis WELL“
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara
Each language has its own filler words and filler sounds which give time for thoughts to develop and build bridges from one sentence to the next. The piece creates an international conversation exclusively made of these words and sounds. Interviews with people speaking different languages are used as audio footage.

“Will it become a choir? – An acoustic world-tour across Vienna”
Ilse Chlan
“Will it become a choir?” takes the polylingual atmosphere of Vienna which is constituted by the coexistence of the different languages as a starting point. Migrants speak about their life and their experiences in Vienna. They came to Vienna for all different kinds of reasons: as refugees, students, artists, looking for work. They speak in many different languages. Will their voices become a choir?