…directly from Porto by The Marta et al

The Revolution is in danger!…and the human being, too!

Human being failures, error and non sense are the fields of study of The Marta. There is beauty in all of this. In the last 5 minutes the story of the first 55 is told, introducing all characteres of this psych-experimental voyage.

The Marta – all except:
Brian von Kuba aka Macaco Mau aka Donald Bush(2003) – technological juggling
Anne Grabow aka Ted Minsky – last guitar piece

from Lisbon, with love (buy in the usual places)

One thought on “radia034”

  1. Hi!Hi!!!I hope u enjoy it but first I thank u if u add this next information:::

    There are some important other performers, for example:

    Hugo Santos aka Clorofila Azul – Borbulha Squizoid (theme)
    Ruben Freitas, with an organic electronic experience with water and salt
    Lars Ro, with some guitar
    Cecília Albuquerque
    Samplers of: Throbbing Gristle – Very friendly (theme)
    Blankey Jet City ( a MiniDisc I found in the garbage in Tokyo)
    Sir William Turner Walton
    a k7 from Magrheb sound (Morocco)…



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