Radia 22

http://kei.cult.bg/radia/Radia22_Radio_Cult.ogg (69,07 MB)

RADIA 22, Radio Cult

First part of Radia 22 consists of a sliced and diced recordings
of experimental gatherings of Bulgarian artist working in the field of
ambient, minimal, micro-sound, noise and experiments. It is a edited and
2 captures of the jam sessions that happened during the second edition
of The Ambient Festival
in Sofia, 2005.

Performed in a live session as part of Ambian Festival, Sofia 2005 by:

Dimitar Pascalev – Bluba Lu
Emilian Gatzov – Elbi
Todor Stoyanov and Stefan Hristov – Ambient Anarchist
Ivo Petrov – Skylined

Performed in a live session as part of Ambian Festival, Sofia 2005 by:

Tzvetomir Krumov – Backpullver
Konstantin Katzarski – Bluba Lu
Alexander Daniel – Ambient Anarchist
Strahil Velchev and Konstantin Petrov – MicroWhat

The second part is a capture of the Hans Tammen’s Third Eye Orchestra.
A concept, in which Tammen as a conductor is inspired by Miles Davis’
subtle style of conducting.
Hans Tammen works with a wide collection of mechanical devices on his
“endangered” guitars, and uses an interactive software of his own design
to rework his sounds in realtime. Projects include site-specific
performances and collaborative efforts with dance, light or video. He
works as a production manager at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center
in New York, responsible for managing the audio, audio postproduction
and video studios, the education program and for overseeing all projects
related to Max/MSP/Jitter or Physical Computing.

These recordings were taken during the Out of Context performances of
the Third Eye Orchestra at St. Anastasia island and Sofia in August.
The concept was broadened by utilizing the laptop as the only instrument
used in the orchestra.

Part of the Third Eye Orchestra were:

Hans Tammen – USA
Carol Parkinson – USA
Mloski and RES – Bulgaria
KEi – Bulgaria
Acid Fake – Macedonia
Yoko and Dusty – Bulgaria
KiNK – Bulgaria

2 thoughts on “Radia 22”

  1. I really like this one. And the progressive fade and mix of the radia jingle, like a rusting piece of iron into the show… great. A collegue from work walked down (he’s sitting 10 meters from me) and asked “What’s that nice thing your playing?” now, that’s good to hear 🙂

  2. Liked it a lot also, though it would have been good to have some more voice telling who is doing what and introducing the stuff (of course, Konstantin, you could say exactly the same about the last program I uploaded and you would be absolutely right 😉

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