Radia #17: The Wired Dudini Experiment!

the latest exploits from the Berlin artists, Kevin Blechdom & Heidi Mortenson. Including short interviews, lots of music and jammin in real time. Angie Reed, Scream Club and more. Lots of stuff from the latest wired night in Berlin.
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2 thoughts on “Radia #17: The Wired Dudini Experiment!”

  1. hey this radio show is sooo great!! it´s funnily hosted and it gives me flashbacks to Wayne´s World, exept that this show actually has a red line and some valuable info on the current music scene.
    great music too, i wrote down a couple of tracks that i wanna get a hold of.
    thanx wired dudinis where ever you are, that secret location´s got me wondering.
    thumb up!
    Stephy, London

  2. hi!!!
    this radio show f*ckin rrrocks!!!
    right ON grrrls.
    love from france,
    the one and only.

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