Radia 04 – Update

Yes, I couldn’t help it, it was stronger than me.
I have changed some stuff on Radia 04 (mostly level stuff) and I have changed the ending (I forgot this really good quote – tss tss). The metadata are also more acurate…

As yesterday was a fight with time, I took some more today… So, Radia-stations, if you would be so kind to upload the Radia 04 (not Radia4) mp3, in about half an hour (so after 24h GMT+1, april 26, 2005) .
I hope I am not too late, and that you can take the trouble of re-downloading…
I have worked hard on this…

note : here is the url on radioswap for this updated version, that you can access once you are logged, Radia 04 – Updated version