Liz’s ear cinema

The abstract sound narratives that Liz releases on the web are not presented as radio pieces, though it could make for some very good radio and I would program it anyday. “A tone poem in five parts, this is a series of short stories making a full-lenght musical chronicle about the many sides of love. 2 hours of Liz’s subtle sound paintings (…) linked by the voice of Marilyn Monroe.” download (from archive)

I like japanese hardcore

What they say : ” this was a short lived bloomington pop band along the lines of go sailor or cub. in fact, there are covers of each of those bands on this disc. the band was 2 people, casey on guitar and vocals and chris clavin on drums. they never got around to recording anything but once, casey played live on the cool local radio station during women in music week and i recorded it. i wasn’t there, so it’s just her solo.” It’s very nice if you like DIY pop-punk. Released under a CC licence by Plan-It-X Free, the free wing of the DIY punk label Plan-It-X. download from

Seven helpless children

It’s the title of the latest track by Andrey Savitsky, aka hhtp. It gets stuck somewhere in your head and stay there. It also sounds a bit sad which makes it all the better.

XV Parowek – Quarter of a can got kicked

Some abstract glitch intercut with concrete noise, coming from somewhere in Poland.

Navmemo – Live @ Ambient Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria 26 March 2004

If you liked Radia 02 some weeks ago, here is a link to some more. (it’s 37 minutes long)